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H.O.T.Y. - Current
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Current Australian Hibiscus of the Year {HOTY}

Plants for HOTY are selected by a committee and are evaluated by evaluators who report after three years.  These are the current entries for the next few years.
(Click an image for a larger picture in most cases)



Tahlia Rose

Harvest Moon x Margaret O'Hara

Hybridizer: Jeff Walker

Aussie Blue Steel

Misfire x Wagon Wheel

Hybridizer: Phil and Mavis Barry

Grower: J.M. and T. Goodwin

Tammy Maree

Work of Art x Spanish Senorita

Hybridizer: Fred Westerman

Our Pink Ribbon

(Miss Liberty x Ekka Anniversary) x Bev's Choice

Hybridizer: Fred Westerman


Sienna Jade

Margaret O'Hara x Harvest Moon

Hybridizer: Jeff Walker


Brass Monkey

Topaz Glory x Cultured Pearl

Hybridizer: Norm and Joy Hatton

Joan Whitfield

Byron Metts x Maroochy Tango

Hybridizer: Colin Dennis


Bonnie Judy

Bonnie x Unknown

Hybridizer: Walter and Judy Willcox


No entries selected


Vera Sinclair

Ole' x Tropical Rainbow

Hybridizer: Bronwyn Charlton

Simply Delicious

Unchained Melody x Mountain Mist

Hybridizer: Allan and Elaine Little

Grower: Les Weber


Rosalind x Doctor David Grimes

Hybridizer: Leonne Courtenay

Rebekah Linden

Georgia's Pearl x Jason Blue

Hybridizer: Allan and Elaine Little

Grower: John Goodwin


Volcanic Sunrise

Tigerama x Fifth Dimension

Hybridizer: Fred Westerman

Grower: Jeff and Ellen Walker

Dana May

Bonnie x Maggie Ann

Hybridizer: Shirley Thomas

Grower: Shirley Thomas

Jen Blakely

Ole x Tropical Rainbow

Hybridizer: Bronwyn Charlton

Grower: Bronwyn Charlton



Early American x Moonshot

Hybridizer: Ida Dagan 

Grower: Ida Dagan

Amber Girl

High Voltage x Unknown

Hybridizer: Bev Van Moolenbroek

Grower: Bev Van Moolenbroek


Bali Sunset x Our Colin

Hybridizer: Jeff Walker

Grower: Jeff Walker

Doctor Dianna Minuskin

Georgia's Pearl x Aussie Blue Steel

Hybridizer: Les Weber

Grower: John Goodwin


Here are a couple of views of each of the four selections

Twirling Tilly - Persephone x Lt. Col. Roden - Hybridizer and Grower: Jeff Walker

Super Dad - James Dean x Georgia's Pearl - H: Les and Marie Weber; G: John, Mary and Tanya Goodwin

Nina's Ninetieth - Bonnie x Nelarda - Hybridizer and Grower: Sue Parkin

Sunshine Mary - Rosalind x Georgia's Pearl - H: Fred Westerman; G: John, Mary and Tanya Goodwin